Team Barry Island are based at Fun Harbour.  We are specialists on the Dancing Stage and Dance Dance Revolution machines. We are at Fun Harbour practically all day every day so please feel free to come along and challenge us as we are the lead steppers in Wales.  Even if you don't want to play against or with us, you can always watch us in action.  We recently competed against Team 3-p, Team Wales , Team Milton Keynes and Team London in the recent dancing tournament  The information below features profiles of our members and some team information. 

Members of Team Barry Island are Johnny 'Hypnotic' McKenna , Danny B , Lee 'Taffy' Scott , Ali 'G' McKernon , Benji , Dale and Super Spudman (8 years old and he can pass afronova expert).  We also have a few unnamed recruits whose names will be released once they are fully trained up.