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Subject: putting in a good word !!
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 20:37:27 GMT
From: "darren brown" <webtek46@hotmail.com>
To: manager@funharbour.com

dear manager ,

i would just like to let you know that your staff have been 
treating myself and my family with a great deal off respect and courtesy and 
i think it is only a pleasure to praise them for this .
Me and my family have been regularly visiting fun harbour for 2 years on and 
off but now we go to the arcade every week for great value and the best in 
entertainment ,.I am sure i am not the 1st to report on this and so i dont 
expect any reply or anything for this,but if you wish to reply please do. 
if you would like to put this e-,ail with the others on the site please do 
as it is the truth. P.S looking forward to the xmas draw . yours SINCERELY

andrea and paul .xxxxx        

Subject: The Manager, Amusement Arcade.
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 08:46:59 +0100
From: K.S.Panesar <chuckie@mcmail.com>
Organization: JCCo
To: fun.harbour@virgin.net


Just wanted to email and say thankyou for the fun and enjoyment I had
recently at you arcade after reading about it on the World Wide Web.

I was just traversing through pages when I came across the Fun Harbour
page and as I live in Bristol,  thought that I might give it a visit as it
seemed pretty nice. It wasn't difficult to find and once I got there I
found plenty of games to play both new and old at reasonable prices. I
had brought the kids down with me as I thought they could do with the
day out and they had a great time on all the amusements at Fun Harbour.
Kids conned me into giving them some money for the crane amusement and
they walked away with a few gifts albeit my pockets where a bit lighter
! All the staff were friendly and in comparison to other similiar
arcades there I found the 'Harbour to be clean and good fun.

Certainly when I get some spare time I will pay the place another visit
and can heartfully recommend it to anyone else for a great day out.

thanks :)

Kam , Bristol.

        Subject: (no subject)
             Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 22:42:36 -0700
            From: Tim <tim.clemett@virgin.net>
Organization: Ninja
                 To: fun.harbour@virgin.net

Bring Back Tekken 3
and maybe have Virtua Fighter 3 as well


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