Competition Rules and Entrance Details


Present the Dance Dance Revolution
UK SSR Championship - 2001

The UK SSR Championship is an unofficial Dance Dance Revolution competition, held by the UK DDR fans, to decide the first ever SSR champion of the UK. Entry to the tournament is open to all proven SSR players, and is limited to 16 competitors. Anyone else wishing to take part will have to compete in a qualifying round, on the day of the tournament.

The event will be held in Barry Island, Wales on Saturday 22nd December. An entry fee is required, but as yet, undecided. The tournament will be held on Harbour Arcade's DDR 3rd Mix Korean ver.2 machine (the finest DDR machine in the UK).

The format is as yet, undecided, but will involve a score-based knockout tournament based on skill and endurance. The winner of such a gruelling tournament will walk away with a trophy, and the title of 'UK SSR Champion - 2001'

Also held on the day :

True Freestyle Exhibition (2pm Start)
An exhibition of true (shuffle) freestyle, open to anyone who wishes to take part. Players will have the stage to themselves, to dance to a song randomly selected from a shortlist of the most popular freestyle songs, and can play the song on any game mode and difficulty. Use of little is allowed.
Entry is open to anyone who can freestlye, there is no prize, as this is an exhibition of skill, not a competitive competition.

Basic Mode Perfect Attack (2:30pm Start)
The american standard tournament format is a knockout tournament, with players drawn at random. Players compete in pairs on random Basic Mode songs, playing down to one winner. The winner of each round will be the player with the most "perfect" ratings, not the player with the highest score.
Entry is open to anyone, subject to a 1 entry fee. The profits will be split among the top 3, and given away as prizes.

Rules for the main UK SSR Championship tournament will be finalised shortly. Check back soon for details.

To enter, contact the event organiser, NMR (, and register your interest. Entry will be subject to a fee (between 2-3) paid on the day, to cover the costs of prizes. Proven SSR players, and people coming to the tournament from outside Wales will be guaranteed a place. Anyone else may be subject to a qualifying round, and everyone turning up on the day will be allowed the chance to attempt to qualify, via the qualifying round.

About Barry Island
Barry Island is in Cardiff, South Wales. A local holiday resort, the small area is comprised entirely of amusement arcades, bars, and take-aways. Food is easy to find, although often rather expensive. BeMani enthusiasts who show up before the actual tournament start will find within 30 seconds of the tournament location :
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Korean ver.2 (1 for 5 songs, double premium)
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix (2 Machines, each 30p for 3 songs)
Punchmania / Fighting Mania (3 credits for 1)
Guitar Freaks (3 credits for 1)

Finding Barry Island
From the M4 (either direction) :
* Follow signs to Cardiff Airport
* Follow signs to Barry Island
* Locate Fun Harbour arcade by following the street of arcades opposite the Barry Pleasure Island funfair

Anyone from outside Wales is advised to contact the organisor (, and arrange to meet in Barry Island at least an hour before the Freestyle Exhibition begins (be prepared to arrive in Barry Island before 1pm)

Contact Info
Event Organisor : NMR (
The event is constantly being discussed on the BBS.


Competition Results

Winner  -  Pete Harrison  (Team Paranoia)

2nd place - Neil Eldridge (Team-3p)

3rd place - Swift  (Team Paranoia)


Action from the competition


                                    WINNER                    RUNNER UP


                    3rd PLACE                        PETES ACROBATICS


                    COLIN THE MIKE        SOME OF THE TEAM