Fun Harbour's special guest Pinball Champion 

Steve 'Indiana ' Davies movinpin.gif (3809 bytes)

steve.jpg (11381 bytes)Steve Davies is the Pinball King of Barry Island.

He has competed in several tournaments, and been in more cups than a box of teabags.

His current claim to fame is an all time high of

1.865 Billion on Indiana Jones Pinball.

Steve has loyal support from his fans, and lives nearby in Rhoose.


Steve can be e-mailed at

If you think you can beat him, then come and challenge him at Fun Harbour - the place to play pinball. Whilst Theatre of Magic, Gorgar, Addams Family, Star Trek, Indiana Jones , Medieval Madness and Revenge from Mars are all being fully restored in the workshops, the only table available for challenge at the moment is STERNS South Park.

To organise a challenge phone 01446 748600 or email  and leave a name and number.  We will contact you and set it up.  Steve can travel anywhere for a challenge, and also welcomes challengers. Steve travels everywhere in style in his black Mercedes estate and even takes his camera everywhere to capture the action and scores.

Steve visits regularly on  Saturday and Sunday afternoons , and sometimes in the nights too.

davies.jpg (21010 bytes)

Steve Davies RAF Strutting his stuff on SPACERIDERS

in the 1980s at Caesars Palace.

Steve is famous for his exploits on a pintable, and has been beating the greatest players around the area for the past twenty years.  Above  is a picture of Steve Davies playing SpaceRiders back in the 80's .  Steve used to play in the Caesars Palace pinball Championships at Barry Island.  Eventually, they asked him to be a judge for future events.

hobbs.jpg (32775 bytes)

Steve Davies as the Judge watching Gary Hobbs in action during another

Caesars Palace  Pinball Tournament.  Winner got an Atari VCS home videogame system.


If you call into Fun Harbour,you can see  all his high scores and try to beat them.   

There is also a Steve Davies section on the noticeboard.

If you want to join his fan club, then just send an email to or a stamp addressed envelope and we  will send you copies of some signed photos and give you details of his UK tour and his current progress (And his world ranking).

FREEPOST   Steve Davies Fanclub

c/o   Fun Harbour 

10 Paget Road

Barry Island 

Vale of Glamorgan

South Wales