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Stocked in the Giant Prize Redemption Centre, and in the Prize Bingo glass showcases,  you will find the following ranges of items :-


The current hot items are the Winnie the Pooh plush collection, and are available in 10" and 24" sizes (including Lumpy).


Televisions, Microwaves, Video Recorders, Scooters , Playstations, Power Tools, Giant Looney Tunes Teddies, Porcelain Dolls, China Ornaments and Statues, Touch Lamps, Laser Lamps, Bubble Clocks, Flow Lamps, Beer Lamps, Bubble Lamps, Lava Lamps,Aquarium Lamps,   Toys for the children, Welsh Souveneirs, Winnie the Pooh collection  of Soft Toys, Household Goods such as Sugar Basins, TeaPots, Cutlery , Tea Sets, Dinner Sets, Duvets & Pillows & covers,  Fibre Optic Lamps, Alarm Clocks, Storage Baskets, Vases, Burago Model Cars, Wrist Watches, Garden Items eg hoses &  ornaments , Video Tapes,  as well as lots of smaller items for the kids including bubble sets, jewellery sets, Rubik Cubes, Key-Rings, Toy Cars, Novelties, SLIME, Pencils, Pens, Rulers, Corinthians, TY Beanie Babies etc etc - The list is endless.  You name it & we probably stock it , and if we don't , we will certainly try our best to get it. 


To win any of the above, just play 2p pusher style machines and collect coloured points.  Also play ticket payout games and collect the tickets as tickets are also worth points  .  Save your points, as they are valid allyear round.  The more points you have, the bigger and better prizes you will be able to get. We also stock seasonal items at particular times eg Christmas , Easter etc.


In the Crane Machines, you will find :-

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All the Winnie the Pooh range (Standard Velboa , Seaside Dressed , Nightshirt Dressed , Hugging Hearts , Hugging Hunny-pots, Pastel Style etc)  , The Sesame Street Collection , Paddington Bear ,  Spongebob SquarePants with Patrick & The Teletubbies.