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The latest Drum and Keyboard simulators to arrive in the UK are on their way from Japan.  Drum Mania and Keyboard Mania - where you use the drums to beat out the tunes, and use the keyboards to play the melodies. Play them only here, coming very soon.  Coupled with the three Dance Dance Revolution machines Extreme, Euromix and Euromix2 , the Para Paradise2  Dancing Machine, Guitar Freaks , and Fighting Mania we will then have a full rock band complete with dancers and continues our reputation as the BEMANI  capital of Europe.


Also we would like to remind you that Fun Harbour Barry Island also has a basement. Soon this will beopened up as an integral part of the amusement complex.  Once open the floorspace will be more than doubled and will be easily accessible from the main floor level.


Unfortunately, due to our competition, we are unable to state what it will contain, but we can assure all our visitors that once open, it will be worth the wait.