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All games found at Fun Harbour

DDRMAX2 Hidden Selection Screen When selecting your song, hold down the start button until the cheat menu appears then use the arrows to select a mode of play.
DANCING STAGE EUROMIX Play doubles mode across two sets of pads Hold both left and right arrows down whilst pressing start.  Then move arrows across to double mode.
DDRMAX2 Play an Oni course with 3 lives At difficulty select screen, go all the way across (past expert) over to HELL mode and select it. You only have to miss 3 arrows to fail this challenge.
MANX TT Superbikes SHEEP RACE Select course. Upon selecting transmission , press UP,UP, DOWN , DOWN , move bike full left, then full right , pull the brake whilst turning the throttle.
Cruisin USA Drive a a Land Rover or Police Car Hold the view buttons down whilst selecting car.

Legends 3D

Play as a nude character Select Valkyrie, enter name as NUD , password as 069 and the charcater will appear.
Gauntlet Legends 3D Play as a level 55 wizard Enter name as LBE, pin as 222 . It will appear.
Gauntlet Legends 3D Play as pogo chicken. Choose player 2 (Blue) , enter initials as EGG , and pin as 911 .  Then select pogo as your character.
House of the Dead Bonus Room Save all people, then proceed to final level.  After killing giant bat, shoot the light switch.  This takes you to the bonus room.
GTI CLUB Race as a dog. Hold manual/automatic button down whilst inserting your coins to play. Once coins have been inserted, whilst still holding the manual/automatic button, pull up the hand brake, and you will be a dog.
CRAZY TAXI Get a secret car. Step on accelerate and brake together.   Push gear stick to D , then take feet of both pedals and push gearstick to R and press start.
Alpine Racer Become a Penguin At selection screen, hold decision buttons to race as a large penguin.
CRAZY TAXI $700 fare. Start off by reversing, first fare you see will give you $700.
CRAZY TAXI Ride a Harley Insert Coins, press and hold accelerator and brake. Push Start.  Push lever up. Release pedals. Choose driver.   Press lever down.  Press Start.
DAYTONA Extra Time Before passing Bandit Bridge on the beginner course, press  start quickly to stop the reels.  Stop the reels on 777 to get the extra time.
VIRTUA STRIKER Big Heads mode When the speaker is announcing the teams, press up , down, left, right, long pass.  If 2 are playing, you must both do it.
VIRTUA STRIKER Play as FC Sega Go to Spain, England, Germany , Argentina , press Start at each country.  FC Sega can now be selected.
INDY 500 FIFTH VIEW Drive in the 4th View then press both view buttons at the same time.
INDY 500 Mirror Mode Hold Red zoom button and press start
INDY 500 Power Steering Hold both zoom buttons in and press start. The steering will now be very light.
PacMan Go through ghosts Upon starting some frames, at the very start (after tune), try going right till you hit the wall, then up till you hit the wall, then left. You may go through a ghost.


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